Raul Diaz Reyes

When we first came across the work of Spanish artist Raúl Díaz Reyes, we knew this was an artist who could combine an arresting aesthetic with a conceptual depth and reasoning to his art. Born in Madrid in 1977, he has exhibited in Spain, Germany, USA, Mexico, Russia and Brazil and has an extensive CV to commend him.

ELA (2016) Raúl Díaz Reyes

The artist has developed two distinct bodies of work. His art has been influenced by the architecture of São Paulo, New York and Madrid which can be witnessed in the pieces presented here.

PPP (2016) Raúl Díaz Reyes
plex series
Plex N4 and PLex N3 Raúl Díaz Reyes

Aluminium sheets serve as a basis for elements of architectural photography that originate from the artist’s extensive archive. In a process of building up, the surface of the aluminium is painted and then added with photographic prints, featuring elements of the city and patterns of architecture.

OCTET Raúl Díaz Reyes

In a method similar to the framed works, his sculptures feature photographed architectural elements printed on aluminium, which are then painted and bent.

It is the folded sculptures in particular that resonate with the power of great contemporary architecture, with references to the work of the studio of Zaha Hadid. For us, the sculptures offer insights into our spaces, which alter depending on the angle you view them at.

AMERIKA Raúl Díaz Reyes
SOUVENIR Raúl Díaz Reyes

More information about Raúl Díaz Reyes can be found on the artist’s website, by clicking here.

All images courtesy of the artist.

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