Jorinde Voigt, Radical Relaxation

Artist Jorinde Voigt currently has her second solo exhibition entitled Radical Relaxation at the König Galerie, Berlin until 24 July 2016. We very much like Voigt’s use of colour and drawn lines and script, finding  this an innovative and stylistically striking way of working.

Jorinde Voigt
Radical Relaxation VII by Jorinde Voigt

The König Galerie continues:

Since the mid-2000s Jorinde Voigt has developed a highly idiosyncratic graphic system for the visualization of experimental arrangements, experiences of reality, thoughts, sensory impressions, philosophical writings and music – a system which she is continually developing and expanding through the addition of new elements. Voigt translates the objects under investigation into a grammar of her own, which then finds expression, sometimes as meticulously drawn systems of lines and script, sometimes as turbulently dashed specks of paint, coloured collages or gold leaf inlays.

Jorinde Voigt
Ach so! (4) by Jorinde Voigt
Jorinde Voigt
Ach so! (1) by Jorinde Voigt

König Galerie comments:

The objects under Jorinde Voigt’s observation, to which she devotes herself for the most part in self-enclosed groups or series of works, can be tangible things, such as a particular text or cultural or natural object. In Voigt’s more recent works however, the starting point for her compositions are wholly etiological processes of perception, apprehension or image- and form-finding. She is increasingly concerned with a search for the innate constitution of inner and collective images – of archetypal forms.

In the series Ach so! [Aha!], consisting of a kind of programmatic study, Voigt assembles numerous elements characteristic of her current work. The title of this series reflects Voigt’s sudden recognition of the organic connections between the various forms that she had already been using in other contexts. For example, there are the ‘splashes’ – spatters of blue-black ink that are evidence of the ongoing argument with the uncontrollable factor of affect in the here and now, and from which all the other elements can be derived.

Jorinde Voigt
Das unerbittliche Gedächtnis. J. L. Borges by Jorinde Voigt
Jorinde Voigt
Ach so! (7) by Jorinde Voigt

This artist has a rare and beautiful talent. Voigt’s combination of drawing, writing and inspired use of colour, come together in a union that will delight visitors to the König Galerie and we are certain that this artist will go from strength to strength.

Jorinde Voigt
Lacan-Studie (9) by Jorinde Voigt


All images courtesy of König Galerie, Berlin. 





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